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We provide a personalized program and curriculum to our life coaches in order for them to be able to focus on specific needs of all participants. We provide courses that that are specific to the participants so they can grow and can benefit from. The courses and curriculum are set up to allow from customization in order to better serve each participant or group. A record is kept of all participants and added to our secure database in order to track their progress or make any adjustments needed. Amazing Pathways tools and processes allow for an efficient way to collaborates with other departments and agencies to successfully deliver the most effective program possible.

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(916) 259-2000

- A standardized program that complies and adheres to US Government policies.

- More than a career path program. Our passion is to give you the tools to get into a mindset that edifies your life.

What We Do

We provide services for Federal, State, County, City agencies. This program is primarily designed for economically and socially disadvantaged people needing direction, such as a starting point to be more of a contributor to society. May be its PTSD, incarcerated, self-esteem issues or victims of other areas. Amazing Pathways nurtures these individuals by assessing their current status and provides customized workshops.

We provide a quality program that strives on results and high standards. Example of workshops: 1. Goal Setting 2. Job Prep/ Essential Training 3. Perseverance (Life Skills). However, some may just be in need of counselling and some may need basic computer and job preparation tools.

Amazing Pathways utilizes a tracking system that allows efficient communication to the agencies with progress and status. We are able to measure progress and even keep our internal staff informed of government updates as needed. One example from Workforce Development updates.

Upon completion of the workshop, each member shall receive a certification of completion, conduct survey, take home course material and shall have access to the online workshop recap. For a list of courses and consultation contact us today.

Some of our courses include: Who Am I, Emotional Intelligence, Life Skills, Goal Setting, Career Focus, Family Domestic Issues, Financial Literacy and more..

How We Do It

Tracking Database
Business Intelligence SharePoint Solutions - Websites & Tracking systems are customized for small to large organizations.
With Amazing Pathway's tracking database, it's easy to stay organized and efficient. This tracking database allows us to customize and create your career plan. Provide reporting from an item level to full data reporting; historical data, sorting data, issue tracking and workflows. IMPORTANT: Information gets where it needs to go, while securing sensitive data.

Experienced, Licensed, Certified, Professionals
It is crucial that the people conducting the training have the tools, experience and skills to deliver quality workshops that produce true results. This means our experiences instructors, (besides their licenses and credentials) also receive internal training. Some of the required training consists of (EI) Emotional Intelligence Awareness, team work, personal goal settings that are applicable to their students, and a complete understanding of AP standards, values and mission.

Leverage off Proven Programs
We don't reinvent the wheel. This program is in constant discovery of 'Lessons Learned' and what works, what does not work. We are affiliated with recruiting agencies and organizations to insure your success. In other words, if and when AP is not a good fit program, we don't turn you anyone away, we refer you to the right program.

Why We Do It

Amazing Pathways team members are heart driven leaders that have a common purpose to make this a better world. We truly believe that all human beings have a right to pursuit of happiness. We believe ‘He who is given much, much is expected”. Simply, we are passionate about making this a better world. Hence, we are doing our part.

Creating Better Lives

Youth’s At Risk

A simple act of kindness goes a long way. Life skills, motivational programs. Ask about the AP Bullying Program.

Here to Help

Here at AP, we believe in equality of life for all. Together with our development workshops we will create better lives.

Job Preperation

With Amazing Pathways, you will recieve training and preperation so you can begin your career process.